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Scaffolding for Concrete Structures

Over a period the construction business has taken a lead with technological advancement and high demand for services, and the only way to go is up. The construction industry looks promising, with the opportunity in the residential and infrastructure sector. The major drivers of this market growth are rising houses starting to raise infrastructure.

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure made up of a timber or steel framework over which the workmen can sit and carry on the construction work. Scaffolding is needed for new construction work. It is also helpful for the repairs of the structure, and it serves well to demolish a structure. These are used for large structures where ready-mix concrete in the form of concrete blocks  are  used for construction, as one of the popular RMC is from SD Conmix. 

Some of the scaffolds used for the concrete structure are 

Single scaffolding: This consists of a single framework of standard, ledgers, putlogs, etc. constructed parallel to the wall. This type of putlog scaffolding is commonly used for the laying of bricks.

Double or mason scaffolding: In the case of stone masonry, it is very difficult for the wall to support putlogs. In that case, two rows of scaffolding are placed from the wall respectively, which makes it stronger and more stable.

Cantilever or needle: When the ground is weak when the upper part of the wall must be carried out, to keep the space next to the wall free from traffic. Then this type of scaffolding can be used.

Suspended scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is normally used for repair works such as pointing, painting, etc. Wire ropes of the chains are connected to the working platform of the scaffolds and are suspended from the roof of the building. By using rope or chain the platform can be raised or lowered as per required level.

Trestle scaffolding: This type of scaffolding is used for painting and repair works inside the room, at a low height. The working platform is supposed to be on top of movable contrivances such as tripods, ladders, etc. 

Steel scaffolding: In steel scaffolding instead of using wooden members, steel tubes are used and steel couplets or fittings are used instead of rope lashing, other things are similar to the wooden types. Such scaffoldings can be erected and dismantled rapidly. Steel scaffolds are nowadays used in high-rise buildings because of their height, greater strength, greater durability and greater fire resistance. Though its initial cost is more, its salvage cost is higher; it is extensively used these days, both used for brick and stone walls.

Patented walls: Normally in the market scaffolding made of steel is available. These scaffolds are arranged in special coupling frames, etc. The working platform is supported on brackets which can be adjusted at any suitable height.


Scaffolds are very essential for big structures for today’s construction scenario. It is mainly used for raised and tall structures that use ready-mix concrete for construction, for durability and stability. When we talk about RMC, SD Conmix is the best for it, they are quality suppliers for ready mix concrete.