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Ready Mix Concrete Advantages and Application.

SD Conmix is a company with vast knowledge, and experience and manufactures ready mix concrete using state-of-the-art technology in the industry. Our high-quality systems are in place to ensure that right from the raw materials, all standards of the construction materials are well-maintained and are up to mark.

SD Conmix has adequate RMC plants to be able to supply ready-to-use concrete and other construction materials to be delivered to construction sites on time. We manufacture concrete in RMC plants primarily for their on-site customers to be used in construction projects.

SD Conmix ready mix concrete has many advantages that are unique to RMC, they are:

Lesser usage of cement 

This is one of the most attractive benefits of SD Conmix RMC as the right amount of ready mixed concrete can be arranged for delivery. The added advantage to this is to know the exact quantity that would be required and mix it appropriately. In this way, the customers could save a lot of money by only ordering as per their requirements.

Shorter labour times

SD Conmix RMC arrives pre-mixed; thereby eliminating the hand mixing of the batch that will help you to save time. On the other hand, the labour time is reduced as the staff can now focus on other tasks. They save on energy and time as they need not wait for the concrete mix to be prepared.

The RMC concrete mixture will be carried in huge drums and be directly transported to the on-site in trucks which again could be transported to the desired location.

Quality control

SD Conmix is very particular and ensures that only the best quality products are used.  Our ready-mix concrete plant has a well-qualified team of experienced professionals in this field and technicians, who in turn, are managed by a well-equipped expert group of professional engineers. We are also highly conscious of the implications that could lead to the use of poor-quality construction materials.

Our working professionals are experts who have completed their training as per global manufacturing standards. When you have placed your order for concrete based on the specified grade, the mix will be made following stringent quality-based regulations. Hence, our customers would be rest assured that SD Conmix’s ready-mix concrete is for sure made from superior high-grade quality.

SD Conmix has updated software used in the laboratory that is capable of detecting the exact perfect ratios of components used as per standards.


Our ready mixed concrete batches are designed with a focus on the minute specification at the batching plant before delivery making our product versatile.  Based on your specifications, right from the grade of concrete to the quantity you need, the mix will be made carefully with accuracy.

The other Ready mix concrete advantages and applications are:

  • There is no necessity to store construction materials at the site.
  • The ready mixed concrete from SD Conmix offers a lot of benefits in terms of quality and efficiency.
  • Reduction in air, noise pollution, and wastage of basic materials at the job site.
  • Construction time is reduced with no delays; hence, completion of major projects such as the construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, etc. is done on time.
  • The conservation of natural resources is a result of the economical use of raw materials.

SD Conmix always follows safe and secure work practices with no disruption in the productivity or project schedules. RMC is environment-friendly. SD Conmix’s RMC is always the best choice for all your construction materials and applications.