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Solvents are also Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). They are used to dissolve and dilute substances primarily found in various construction-related products such as paint, thinners, paint strippers, and glues. The term ‘Solvents’ implies a group of chemical compounds frequently used in a fluid state for various purposes. In the manufacturing process, solvents are used to apply, clean, dissolve and separate, treat and minimise drying time when applied or installed in building materials. Solvents are used to make concrete blocks in the manufacturing process.

A solvent’s chemical classification depends on its chemical structure. Some frequently used solvents include halogenated solvents, hydrocarbon solvents, and oxygenated solvents. Solvents play an essential role in building and construction works as it maximises the effectiveness of different products.

We at SD Conmix provide reliable solvents that are effective and fulfil the desired purpose. Also, we ensure our employee's safety in every process they are involved in.


Uses of Solvents

Some examples of products where solvents are used

Paints and Coatings

Solvents are used to make the paint in its desired composition for standard application. Solvents help make the paint thin as clumps and globs can avoid using it. Glycol ether esters are some solvents used to make decorative and spray paints unharmed from drying in mid-air. We at SD Conmix ensure smooth and effortless paint applications to any surface to get a more desirable, durable, and excellent finish.


Solvents have required properties to prepare bonds for building and construction works satisfactorily. Many building materials need adhesives as glue for carpet and material bonding in large buildings and other structures like bridges, highways, dams, as they provide long-lasting bond, being weather-resistant, shock resistant, and good strength. Moreover, adhesives can be found in flooring installation for materials like laminate, vinyl, timber flooring, and decks.