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Sealants are the most important materials to prevent liquids and other substances from passing through mechanical joints and surfaces. They also prevent air leakage, dust, insects, sound, and heat. At SD Conmix, we provide a variety of sealants ranging from weak or strong, temporary or permanent, flexible or rigid.

We produce sealants capable of closing openings between surfaces where types of concrete and mortar are used. Our solvents majorly aim to serve three purposes:

  • They fill the unwanted gap between two or more components.
  • They also ensure a preventive impermeable barrier so that no substance can pass through it.
  • They are reliable and have a long life expectancy under specified conditions and environments.

Sealant Properties

We provide approved sealant with qualified properties



Our sealants have high viscosity, allowing them to still be at the applied surface, even on vertical joints. In contrast, the market is filled with low viscosity sealants that don't solve their desired purpose.


This is one major property of an ideal sealant that makes it resistant to unwanted happenings like deformation. You will find this as the highlighted usp in our produced sealants.

Weather Resistance

Our sealants are weather resistant and can bear extreme temperatures of sun and moisture, and at the same time, they remain flexible as and when needed.


We provide long-lasting sealants that can perform under different conditions.

Movement and Adhesion

Our sealants are examined by the ASTM C920 Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants and are approved for their capability of movement and adhesion.

VOC Content

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are respiratory irritants usually found in sealants. Various manufacturers produce sealants with low VOC content. At SD Conmix, be assured of having VOC content checked.


Depending upon application and performance levels, the prices of sealants vary. It is always better to initially choose the right sealant against replacing it. Ensuring the right sealant can prevent unwanted expenses.


The sealants offered by SD Conmix are packaged in a manner that they can be stored up to 12 months in a closed container in a dry and cool place.