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Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

At SD Conmix, we have two main concrete blocks, which are Solid and Hollow. Both of these blocks are usually used in the construction of walls. However, they can be used for other construction purposes as well. Solid concrete blocks are not entirely solid but are solid enough compared to the hollow ones. Solid concrete blocks are frequently used for strong manufacturing that provides longer structure stability. They come in big sizes compared to bricks. They look like solid grey bricks but are bigger in size.

People often get confused between concrete blocks and cement blocks. Cement blocks are made of clay powder, limestone, and other substances mixed with water. At the same time, concrete involves cement as an ingredient in its manufacturing process, along with sand, stone, and gravel. 

Our concrete blocks unit is widely spread and entirely dedicated to manufacturing strong and durable blocks and other required substances. Our automatic batching unit is equipped with accurate weighing scales with minor variations. The unit is fitted with a moisture probe device that monitors the water content in batching quantity to get the desired water-cement ratio. Every batch quantity is examined under rigorous compressive strength checks regularly. The manufacturing process ensures consistent quality when the raw materials are checked extensively.

SD Conmix concrete blocks unit has an entire equipped laboratory backed by advanced technology. It ensures an extensive process that includes raw material source identification, approval of the same, pre-production examination under sieve analysis, impact value, bulk density, cruising value, flakiness and elongation. The concrete block unit can easily manufacture thousands of blocks daily to supply to multiple big projects simultaneously. Customers’ association with us also greatly benefit from the excellent block finish with IS standard that minimises the mortar consumption during plaster work.

Concrete Blocks