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Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete​

At SD conmix, We own adequate RMC plants to supply ready-to-use concrete to construction sites timely. We are very particular in manufacturing concrete in RMC plants dedicated only to our on-site customers for their construction projects. The final product of our RMC plants has a huge life span and is reliable for a long period. We take every project, be it small, medium, or big, and are committed to providing a balanced proportion of supplies to every project.

Every RMC plant can manage different mix types to produce multiple grades of concrete manually and automated. In the automation process, we ensure the RMC plant’s effectiveness by monitoring the water-cement ratio, moisture content, etc., before producing the Ready Mix Concrete. As soon as the making process is done, the concrete is ready to depart RMC plants to its respective construction site.

The Ready Mix Concrete is transported in secured transit mixers that protect the composition as the transit trucks are equipped with moving drums for ready mix concrete to stay fresh and strong. At SD conmix, we own numerous well-fitted transit mixer trucks with enough capacity of 7m. The ready mix concrete is drawn out by strong pumps to pump the concrete and has a capacity of 300m horizontally and 70m vertically, which charges less money and time. 

At SD conmix, we continuously strive to deliver customer expectations to build trust and transparency. Our manufacturing process at our RMC plants stands apart from others and welcomes you on your visit intending to build concrete relations. Our ready-mix concrete can be used for multiple construction areas such as car parks, pavements and roads, airport runways, warehouses, highways, and everything that comes between.  At SD conmix, We aim to provide concrete solutions to manufacturing and construction served with strength and quality for years to come.

Ready Mix Concrete​