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Are Concrete Blocks better than Bricks?

Construction is a very ancient human activity; it began with purely functional needs for a controlled environment. The present state of construction is complex. There is a wide range of buildings, products and systems, that are highly organised. Which include a lot of management, quality control and insurance. 

Construction today is a significant part of the industrial culture with a varied built environment to serve the diverse needs of society. If you have plans for the construction of some buildings, understanding the difference between concrete blocks and bricks will help to make an informed decision.

Some of the features of concrete blocks and bricks 

Concrete blocks are a type of building material that is made up of aggregates like sand, cement, gravel and water. A concrete block is usually used in the construction of building walls, floors, and foundations for a structure like houses and commercial buildings.

Concrete blocks are good for construction purposes because they are durable when compared to bricks. When you opt for concrete blocks from SD Conmix then it is always a safe bet for the customer. Because they believe in quality.

The strength of the concrete block is due to its combination of construction materials, it is made up of cement, sand, and aggregates which provide it with high compressive strength. The brick on the other hand is made up of clay and stone which provides it with low composite strength. This makes the brick more susceptible to cracking and breaking when it is subjected to a high load of pressure.  

Concrete blocks come in different sizes and shapes, but bricks do not. while concrete blocks can be used for a variety of construction purposes. 

 The concrete blocks are inexpensive yet durable, they do not absorb water, while the bricks are not durable because they absorb a lot of water in them and create dampness in them.

The concrete blocks can be stacked one above the other without the risk of collapse. While this is not possible in the case of bricks 

Concrete blocks are used for the construction of a wide range of structures. The bricks have a limited range for construction. concrete blocks from SD Conmix are the best mix concrete for any big and large structures.

Concrete blocks are lightweight, so they don’t take up much space in the house while bricks are heavy compared to them.

Concrete blocks come in different colours to choose from which makes a good option for those who want to match with the décor of the house, while the bricks have one colour.


The advantages of concrete blocks over bricks include durability, as concrete blocks are harder to crack or break than bricks, maintenance because it’s easier to clean up concrete, and cost because there are fewer materials required to make concrete blocks than bricks. We at SD Conmix are one of the best suppliers of concrete blocks in Bangalore.