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Month: August 2022

Concrete Blocks

What are concrete blocks?

The two main categories of concrete blocks are hollow and solid.  Typically, both hollow and solid concrete block types are used for the construction of walls and other purposes as well. Solid concrete blocks although not entirely solid, when compared to the hollow ones are strong.  Due to this, they are most often used in …

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ready mix concrete

Types of ready mix concrete

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is defined as custom-made concrete that has been manufactured in a factory or manufactured within a batch plant specifically based on mix designs. RMC is a precise mixture well-known for offering durability and sustainability and is generally delivered in one of two ways: Volumetric concrete mixers:  Here ready-mix concrete will be delivered …

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Waterproof concrete: When, why and how to use!

Waterproof concrete protects your building structure and all of your assets and belongings in your building against humidity, damping, damaging moisture, heavy rains, and floods.  Waterproofing systems are an important feature of any building construction.  Waterproof concrete serves as an important construction material.  Waterproofing systems and Waterproof concrete although account for only a small fraction …

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