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types of Concrete blocks used in Construction

Various types of Concrete blocks used in Construction

SD Conmix manufactures two types of Concrete blocks used in Construction; namely, Solid and Hollow. These Concrete blocks are usually used in the construction of walls as well as other construction purposes.

Solid concrete blocks are not entirely solid compared to hollow ones.  They are frequently used for strong manufacturing.  It provides longer structure stability and is bigger when compared to bricks. Solid Concrete appears as solid grey bricks.

One tends to get confused between concrete blocks and cement blocks. 

Cement blocks are made of the following materials-

Clay powder, limestone, and other substances mixed with water.

Concrete is made of cement which is an ingredient used in its manufacturing process.  Other materials include sand, stone, and gravel.

Various types of Concrete blocks used in Construction

Concrete blocks are classified based on their size, shape, and manufacturing process.

Concrete blocks are mainly classified into 2 types namely,

Solid concrete blocks

Hollow concrete Blocks

Solid Concrete Blocks

Solid concrete blocks also called Concrete Masonry Units are in common use.

They are heavy, manufactured from dense aggregate and are highly strong.

As they provide good stability to the structures, this type of Concrete blocks are used in Construction for large works of masonry such as load-bearing walls.

These solid blocks are most preferable as they are available in large sizes compared to bricks. The advantages of large Solid Concrete Blocks are, it saves time during construction.

Hollow Concrete Blocks

Hollow concrete blocks are formed when the void area is greater than 25% of the gross area, and the solid area is supposed to be more than 50%.  Based on the construction requirement the hollow part may be split into several components.  These concrete blocks are lightweight and can be easily installed.

The various types of Hollow Concrete Blocks include :

Stretcher block

Bull nose block

Corner block

Frogged brick block

Jamb block

Lintel block

Pillar block

Partition block

SD Conmix has a separate unit that is widely spread and entirely dedicated to manufacturing strong and durable concrete blocks and other substances. It has an automatic batching unit that is well-equipped with accurate weighing scales with minor variations. Our manufacturing unit is fitted with a moisture probe device.  This device monitors the water content in batching quantity and ensures the desired water-cement ratio.  Every batch quantity at SD Conmix is examined under rigorous compressive strength checks regularly.  The manufacturing process is very efficient and always ensures that consistent quality is maintained and raw materials are being checked extensively.

The concrete blocks unit of SD Conmix has a highly-equipped laboratory that is backed by the advanced and latest technology. Our extensive manufacturing process includes raw materials source identification and the concrete block unit is capable of easily manufacturing thousands of blocks daily.  This enables us to supply and accomplish the needs of multiple clients; thereby, servicing big projects simultaneously.

SD Conmix offers a wide range of products and services.  Our products include Hollow Concrete Block, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC),sealants etc.