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Ready mix concrete

What are the benefits of ready-mix concrete?

SD Conmix has a sound knowledge to manufacture ready mix concrete using state-of-the-art technology in the industry. High-quality systems are in place to ensure that right from the raw materials, the standards are maintained. For the analysis of data statistically, SD Conmix places an efficient raw mix concrete design along with cube test results to analyze the data. A high-level Team headed by an engineer, to monitor the Laboratory and Quality Control Departments. There are adequate RMC plants to supply ready-to-use concrete to construction sites timely. 

SD Conmix manufactures concrete in RMC plants dedicated only to on-site customers of SD Conmix for their construction projects. Known for its huge life span and reliability for a long period, SD Conmix ready mix concrete is manufactured under the stringent quality of world-class standards. We take every project, irrespective of its size be it small, medium, or big in volume, we are committed to providing a balanced proportion of supplies to all projects.

SD Conmix comes with some benefits that are unique to RMC. They include:

1. Lower Cement Usage

One of the most attractive benefits of RMC, it is easy to arrange for the right amount of ready mixed concrete to be delivered. This eliminates the risk of wasting money ordering too much, or ordering too little and facing the inconvenience of shortage, having to order more concrete, which will delay the project and cost you more money.

2. Shorter Labour Times

As the concrete arrives pre-mixed, hand mixing of the batch is eliminated thereby saving time. Due to this, staff on-site can focus on other tasks, thus saving time and energy and removing the need to wait till your concrete mix is prepared.

The trucks with RMC mixture contained in huge drums will arrive on-site, and from there you can immediately pump or transport the concrete to the desired location.

3. Quality Control

We are highly conscious of the implications of quality and hence the ready-mix concrete plant is fully equipped with a team of technicians who are highly qualified and further managed by an expert group of professional engineers. SD Conmix has chosen experts who have completed their training as per global manufacturing standards. Once you’ve made your order of concrete as per the specified grade, the mix will be created following stringent quality regulations. This means you can rest assured that your concrete is of superior quality and was not made with shortcuts or inferior-quality materials.

The software used by the Lab in the mixing of the concrete in the plant will ensure that the perfect ratios of components as per standards will be used.

4. Versatility

While it’s true that when concrete is mixed on-site it allows for alterations in between the process, ready mixed concrete batches can be designed down to the minutest specifications at the batching plant before delivery which speaks about the versatility of the product. Once you’ve specified your requirements, from the grade of concrete to the amount you need, the mix will be created carefully and accurately.

5. On-site space utility

When you choose to use RMC, there is no space occupied on-site dumped with the raw materials required for mixing, and wastage at the site is minimized.

Using ready mixed concrete from SD Conmix provides plenty of benefits from a quality and efficiency point. If you have now narrowed it down to RMC for your construction application, then ready mixed concrete from SD commix could be the choice for you. Place your Orders right away