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Types of RMC cement used in India

Ready mix concrete or RMC is a type of concrete manufactured in factories. It is manufactured for the clients for their construction purpose. Ready mix concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. The mixed concrete is brought to the construction site by truck mixers or transit mixers. The transit mixer is of two types. One type is the dry concrete made at the batching plant, loaded into agitator truck mixers, and water added during transportation. 

In the other type, one makes the mixed wet concrete at the batching plant, discharges it into the agitator truck mixers, and transports it to the site. The drum in concrete is made to rotate till the concrete is placed in order to keep the concrete in the plastic state.

So let us know in detail how many types of ready mix concrete is there. There are three types of ready mix concrete:

1. Shrinked mixed concrete: Mixed concrete is partially mixed in a central mixer and then charged in the truck mixer, where the mixture becomes whole. While mixing the concrete, the truck mixer is rotated at a fast speed. One can complete this mix in the plant or at the work site.

2. Transit mixer concrete: Transit mixer is also known as the truck mixer. The whole concrete mixture is batched in a central plant and totally mixed in the truck. 

Transit keeps the water separate from the cement and aggregate and allows the concrete to be mixed at the construction site just before use. 

3. Central mixed concrete: Concrete is batched before putting it into the truck mixer on the plant site and mixed in a stabilized mixer. The benefits of central mixed concrete are better quality control, stability, and high production capacity.

Usage of ready mix concrete

The ready mix concrete is used in projects where the builders do not want to mix the concrete at the construction site. Using ready mix concrete provides one the flexibility to deliver finished concrete as per the demand and as per the required design. So it is tailor-made to the needs of the builders, and it is supplied in the desired quantity. The ready-mix concrete is cost-effective. Therefore it is a more suitable option for small projects. However, the concrete mixed on-site is a more convenient option for bigger projects.


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