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Ready mix concrete

Types of materials used in ready mix concrete

Ready mixed concrete (RMC) is a specialized material consisting of cement, aggregate, sand , water and gravel that are weight batched at a center batching plant.  They are mixed either at the RMC plant location or in truck mixers after which they are transported to the construction site and delivered in a condition ready to use, hence, termed “Ready mixed concrete.”

Ready mix concrete is manufactured with the construction materials at a place distant from the construction site and the transportation links the two locations.  In the case of congested sites or at diverse workplaces, this technique is useful as the consumer need not be bothered with procurement, storage, and handling of concrete or construction materials.

Ready mix concrete at SD Conmix is produced under factory conditions that permit close monitoring and control of all manufacturing operations including transportation of fresh concrete. Ready mix concrete can be customized for different applications and is used due to its durability and low cost.

SD Conmix follows a skilled approach and top rated technology to manufacture the ready mix concrete. Our company maintains multiple expert quality systems in place to oversee and ensure to use of the best and high-quality raw construction materials. SD Conmix has an efficient raw mix concrete design along with cube test results for the analysis of data statistically.

Proportioning of ready-mix concrete

The proportioning of an RMC aims to obtain an economical and practical combination of materials with the required properties for its intended use. These include strength, durability, functionality, workability, and appearance. Concrete aggregates need to meet the appropriate specifications such as being clean, strong, and durable.

Fly ash or other supplementary cement or construction materials which enhance concrete properties, are generally added to RMC. The key element to obtaining quality concrete is the use of the least amount of water resulting in a mixture that can be easily placed, compacted, and finished.  Admixtures are commonly used in small quantities as they improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete including the rate of setting and strength development of concrete, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Properties of ready mix concrete

Adding water-reducing admixtures minimises the water content in the mixture, increases strength and improves the durability of the concrete mix. The air-entraining admixtures facilitate the microscopic air bubbles in concrete during mixing which imparts freeze-thaw durability of concrete  thereby increasing resistance to scaling caused by deicing chemicals, and improves workability.

SD Conmix is one of the best  ready mix concrete manufacturers offering the best customer service, genuine quality concrete mix and support.