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Making and maintaining concrete to be durable

If you see historic buildings across the globe, then you won’t be surprised that the structures have lasted so long until today. Concrete was utilised in the Roman Empire’s structures and monuments including the Pantheon in Rome, apart from wharves, breakwaters, and other harbour structures. These concrete structures have lasted for a lifetime. The concrete structures have a design life of 50 or 100 years. However, unfortunately, today, many of the structures are not living up to that expectation. 

Needless to say that water is the root cause of everything bad that happens to concrete. Water carries chemical toxins into the concrete, which causes the steel reinforcement to corrode, contribute to expansive and wear out the surface. In order to halt the premature deterioration of the concrete structure and to boost the durability of your concrete, we at SD Conmix will help you understand how to maintain concrete to be durable. 

Maintaining your concrete is a simple process and can be handled on your own. More the general wear and tear that the concrete surface is subjected to, more will the type and amount of maintenance required. Through this article, we at SD Conmix will aid you with tips on how to take care of your concrete. 

Cleaning the surface:

Perhaps the simplest type of maintenance to keep your concrete clean is by getting rid of leaves, dirt, and debris from the surface with the help of a blower or broom. 

The supremacy of sealing:

Seal your concrete surface which will repel water, grime, dirt, dust, and debris from seeping into the concrete surface. Let the sealer do the spade work. It can easily put up a resistance against the weather, apart from ultraviolet damage, and abrasions. 

Spillage cleaning:

Even if the concrete is sealed it is advisable to remove any spills or stains. By eliminating them earlier you are averting the spill from ruining the sealer over a long period of time. Also, you are avoiding any discolouring or any eternal stains. 

Carrying out repairs:

In order to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete, one must repair any small damage to the concrete, like cracks. 

Avoiding chemicals:

It is advisable that one must be careful using cleaning products. They may consist of chemicals or products that are not meant for the concrete which can cause damage to the sealer and concrete. 

Monitoring the weight:

Concrete is robust, strong, and heavy-duty. However excessive and constant weight can cause mutilation of concrete. Residential concrete is not built to hold extra heavyweight. 

At SD Conmix, we take a skilled approach to manufacturing our ready-mix concrete using top-rated technology in the industry. The firm maintains multiple expert quality systems in place to oversee and ensure we use high-quality raw materials to ensure concrete in the desired output!