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Importance of choosing the best cement for your home

In the construction industry, the building strength is mainly dependent on the quality of the construction materials used. The strength of the building or home can last longer by choosing the right cement.  SD Conmix’s ready mix concrete is the preferred choice known for its high quality, strength, and durability.

Of all the construction materials used to build a house, the type of cement used is the key or the most crucial element that determines the strength and lifespan of the building. Therefore, it is of prime importance to choose the right and best quality raw materials including cement. 

The strength of the building is affected by the quality of the cement used, hence, it must be ensured that high-quality cement is utilised in the construction of your home by the builder or contractor. The mix concrete from SD Conmix is made of superior quality cement that gives strength and durability to last long.

For the construction of a house, generally, 3 types of cement are used, namely OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement), PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement), and PSC (Portland Slag Cement). Of the three, OPC is available almost everywhere and commonly used. However, PPC and PSC will provide excellent durability and strength.  To retain the quality of the cement, it must be stored properly and stacked closely to prevent air circulation. They must be kept away from moist and damp regions and be opened only when needed for concrete mixing.

For long lasting-strength and good quality cement, prefer to buy cement from standard and reputed companies meeting ISI standards.

Varieties of cement: OPC, PPC, Quick Setting Cement, Sulphate Resisting Cement, Rapid Hardening Cement, etc. are the varieties of cement available in the market with different properties suitable to different applications and you must decide the best type that suits your requirements. Most widely used for construction purposes are OPC and PPC types of cement. SD Conmix provides the best quality ready concrete mix for long-lasting strength.

OPC: Limestone and secondary materials are ground to a powder to produce the OPC and are available in 3 different grades. OPC is eco-friendly and mainly used in fast pace constructions. The initial setting strength is more for OPC compared to PPC. OPC has a high heat of hydration, hence not used for mass concreting. 

PPC:  PPC is similar to OPC with an additional mixture of fly ash, slag, clay, volcanic ash, etc. in the ratio range of 15-35% of weight as it increases the strength of the concrete mix. PPC is also eco-friendly and is available only in one grade compared to OPC. Its strength is equivalent to 33 grade of OPC. Compared to OPC, PPC is highly durable concrete due to its low water permeability and low initial setting strength.  With proper curing, PPC hardens over some time. It is highly resistant to sulphate and thus mostly used in mass concrete works like dams, reservoirs, buildings near seashores, huge foundations, and other marine works.

For all types of constructions, SD Conmix is the best supplier of quality ready mix concrete known for its strength and durability.