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How to choose the right cement for your home?

Building and owning your own home is an enriching and joyous journey most homeowners take to fulfill a long-standing dream.  During construction, there will be endless questions about the raw materials, structure, kind of designs, timeframe; etc, and the list will go on.  Hence, it is important to determine the right items with good quality to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

Cement is an integral component in the construction industry used in the construction of buildings and various other structures.  Cement and concrete mix are different, with cement being a primary component making the concrete mix.  The concrete mix comprises cement-based paste and aggregates like sand, crushed stones, and/or gravel.

Cement is the most essential and crucial element used for the construction of your home or any other building structure.  It is also the determining factor of the lifespan and your home’s structural integrity.  Choosing the right construction materials namely the types of cement, types of concrete, cement blocks, concrete block, ready mix concrete; etc. play a very important role.

There are essentially 3 types of cement that are commonly used for constructing structures; they are, Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) Portland Slag Cement (PSC), and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).  The type of cement you choose will highly determine the overall building cost and its sustainability as well.  Comparatively, Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is more eco-friendly than Ordinary Portland Cement and will help you build sustainable homes.  SD CONMIX offers you the best cement and best quality construction materials.  Cement differs in properties and determining the right cement will help you to your structure’s quality and reduce costs as well.

Cement companies produce different types of cement for different construction jobs. Each variety fulfills a different purpose and can be considered specialized for that particular type of construction. The different types of cement are as follows:

OPC stands for Ordinary Portland Cement which is a traditional choice for construction.  OPC has an early setting time.

Relatively costlier.

Less environment-friendly compared to other blended types of cement.

PPC stands for Portland Pozzolana Cement. 

PPC is a fly ash-based cement 

It has a slightly longer setting time also as strong as OPC cement.

Pocket-friendly compared to the other cement types.

More environment friendly 

Preferred in the building constructions under harsh environmental conditions due to PPC properties.

Prevents water seepage and damage.

PSC: PSC stands for Portland Slag Cement.

PSC is blended cement.

It has a low tendency to crack due to its tendency to generate lower heat during hydration.

PSC results in less water consumption and also facilitates easier curing.

The most ideal choice for constructions exposed to a marine environment.

Cement is available from so many companies making it difficult to choose the right one.  SD Conmix is a well-reputed brand and our best cement and construction materials are of good quality.  The best cement and construction materials that we provide are of top-notch quality, in line with our goodwill, ensuring to give our customers good value for money.

Packaging of the cement is also of high importance as cement tends to decay in quality with time if it is not packed and stored properly.

SD Conmix cement provides good moisture-resistant and tamper-proof making it the best choice for you. 

At SD Conmix continuously strive to deliver customer expectations to build trust and transparency.  Ready-mix concrete and construction materials from SD Conmix can be used for several construction areas such as pavements, highways, car parks, roads, airport runways, warehouses, and everything that comes between.  We aim to provide perfect concrete solutions to manufacturing and construction served with high quality and strength for years to come.