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Comparing Ready-mix Concrete and Site-mixed Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used construction material and is made up of three basic components like water, aggregates and Portland cement. There are mainly two types the Ready-mixed (RMC) and site-mixed concrete.

The construction industry uses two main types which are called Ready-Mix concrete (RMC) and site-mix concrete. Selecting the right type for a project is very important. Both types have their own specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Ready mix concrete or RMC is a customized concrete mix that is manufactured in plants and delivered it to the construction site directly.

Site mix concrete is a volumetric concrete that is prepared at the site as its name is mentioned here the concrete is mixed in a specific ratio to obtain the desired strength.

In the case of ready-mix concrete (RMC) the time consumed to prepare the concrete is very less and is delivered to the construction site.

In the case of a site- mix the time consumed is more than RMC and the procedure is slow and has multiple steps and takes a longer period for setting.

SD conmix is one of the best premix concretes which is mainly used in the construction of high-rise structures, one of the best (RMC) for modern infrastructure.

Whereas site-mix concrete is used for the low-rise structure.

When it comes to storage rmc concrete from SD conmix does not require additional storage space for its raw material.

In the case of a site-mix concrete, it needs a proper space for storing and protecting its raw materials like cement and aggregate.

SD conmix which is the best in premix concrete (RMC) do not waste the material at the site as it is calculated and made exactly for the construction purpose.

In the case of site-mix concrete, some materials are wasted during the storage and the mixing.

At SD conmix A higher quality of the rmc concrete is generated and the ingredients are batched and mixed precisely so that the obtained concrete is consistent as a result of an automated and controlled environment.

In the case of a site -mix the consistency of the concrete is not uniform or constant so the result is that the concrete may take a longer time for setting.

With SD conmix better concrete quality increases building speed while decreasing maintenance expenses.

The site–mix concrete when compared to the (RMC) is low in quality.

In the case of  RMC, the materials are selected by the supplier, SD conmix is one such company that takes all the responsibility for quality concrete material, using top-rated technology in the industry

Site-mix the client takes the responsibility for the material used for the concrete for construction.