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Admixtures- Application

Admixtures- Application

The construction industry significantly contributes to the gross domestic product (GDP) of a country. As the country sees an age of infrastructure development, the construction business in India is expected to thrive and grow in the coming years. Naturally seeing the economic trend, people want to try their hands in this field.

SDconmix is one of the top ready-mix concrete suppliers in Bengaluru. They have a ready-mix concrete plant fully equipped with a team of technicians. Concrete is defined as a composite material that consists of fine and coarse aggregates bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over some time.

What are admixtures?

An admixture is defined as a material other than the normal ingredients like water, aggregates cementitious materials, and fibre reinforcement. It is used as an ingredient of a cementitious mixture to modify its freshly mixed settings which are added to the mixture before or during the mixing.

Why are admixtures used?

Admixtures are used in the concrete mix for various reasons, like to alter the properties, improving the workability, increasing or decreasing cure time, and increasing concrete strength. Admixtures can also be used for aesthetic reasons, such as to change the colour of the cement. 

Concrete admixtures improve the properties of the concrete in constructions with special requirements. Chemical admixtures can provide a number of benefits and effects on the consolidation of freshly mixed concrete as well as on the performance of both hardened and fresh concrete. These mixtures help to achieve the desired results and to avoid unnecessary instances.

Some of the most important purposes for which admixture is used:

Improves workability without increasing water content or decreasing water content at the same workability level.

Accelerate the time of the initial setting 

Decreases rate of settlement 

Modify the rate or capacity of concrete bleeding 

Reduces segregation  

Enhance pumpability

Reduce the rate of slump loss.

Increases bond between existing and new concrete 

Enhances impact resistance and abrasion resistance

Produce coloured concrete or mortar 

The concrete admixtures should be selected as per the specification and should be used as recommended by a professional. For larger construction projects the quantity of the admixtures to be used should be obtained from test reports for concrete mixed with admixtures at various percentages. These tests are done to understand the behaviour of the admixtures on the desired quality and strength of concrete.


It is highly important to know that the admixtures are mixed in the concrete mix only if required as per the specifications and method of applications. This is to avoid the adverse effect on the concrete properties in fresh and hardened states. For more information on any type of ready-mix concrete, you can get in touch with SD Conmix, the only trusted company for RMC.